Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Berkshire's Munger Promotes Death Panels on CNBC - Calling Prolonging Life "Disgusting"

CNBC's Becky Quick was broadcasting live from the Omaha, Nebraska this week, the location of the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder's meeting.  On Monday morning's edition of Squawk Box Quick had Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger together for an interview.  The group covered a variety of topics but at one point toward the end of the interview, Quick asked Charlie Munger what he thinks about rising healthcare costs in the US.  He answered her by saying “I’m ashamed of the way our health care system prolongs death to make money... the hospitals can just keep billing the government."
Munger actually said " If you actually go in the hospitals, you'll find people just lying there."  Imagine that, people in hospitals - lying around.  What an outrage!  He called the practice "disgusting".  Munger "one upped" Obama's infamous statement in which he essentially accused doctors of performing unnecessary surgeries en masse.  Munger, 91, went on to claim that Europe’s medical system does a better job of "end-of-life care".

This seemed like a ground-breaking moment as it was the first time I heard one of these elitists wage their war on the in-firmed, disabled and elderly in this way.  He took it further and declared that the Death Panels are "buzzwords".  This was an appalling declaration.  Certainly all proponents of euthanasia and death panels can come up with compelling or heart wrenching stories to support their case.  However, any such case cannot justify the inevitable abuses that will ensue as a result of giving government the authority over life or death decisions.  One has to seriously question the wisdom of anyone who does not see the obvious disaster in giving that power to ANY government.  If he was being sincere, than one must pity his ignorance of history and if he was insincere, one must abhor the spirit of deception betrayed by his rhetoric.

There are those who claim that Charlie Munger is a "Republican" but if he is, he personifies that which is wrong with the GOP in its state of leftist infiltration today.  The hypocrisy of the left is amazing when you consider they are constantly attacking “the rich”.  Their exceptions are for the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Buffett’s right-hand man Charlie Munger who is worth $1.3 billion.
These men are helping this administration to lead this country down the road to perdition.  They are inscrutable to the media because they pass the leftist's litmus test.  1. They are proponents of infanticide and 2. they are for government redistribution of everyone else's “wealth” except for their own. What I observed on CNBC Monday morning out of Charlie Munger was a demonstration of how callous liberalism truly is.  
It is outside of the realm of reasoning to think of how all of those blue-collar Democrats throughout the north-east and mid-west get behind these elitists who are calling for their deaths but that is ultimately what they are doing.  They are short-sighted but when this inhumanity becomes policy under Obamacare's deth panels, millions of them will be victims of their past foolishness.  As history has demonstrated, it will start with the handicapped and work its way out up to virtually anyone the government finds expendable.  The "least of these" will be made into enemies and portrayed as selfish for exhausting "precious resources", which to these barbaric characters in power, will be defines as anything but human life (save their own of course). 

This Buffett Munger love-fest is as perplexing as watching 90% of African Americans allowing themselves to be –used and exploited- in near monolithic fashion, by the party that was the party of slavery, segregation and everything racist that tool place in American history.  It truly is inexplicable and it confirms what the scripture says in Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”  They are so sure that Buffett and anyone he endorses has their best interest at heart because of his folksy personality.  After all, who can resist a billionaire who sings and plays the ukulele? 

In reality, if you compared this leftist pantheon including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros and Charlie Munger to the villainous rich people portrayed in the Hollywood films, these people make the villains look congenial.  What Munger said is the kind of rhetoric straight from the Third-Reich.  But these people are worshiped as heroes because they are on the side of death.  

It really comes down to your view of the world.  The biblical world-view warns in Jeremiah 13:9 that “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; who can know it? and “"Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD. For he will be like a bush in the desert”. (Jeremiah 17:6)  Taking this into account as the framers of our constitution did, it is unthinkable to entrust life and death to such people.  Those who embrace history can see that time and time again it verifies the accuracy of scripture.  If people at large embraced history, we would avoid the American holocaust because red flags and alarms would be sounding everywhere the moment Munger said what he said this morning on CNBC.  We do not have to wait for a bloody war and a subsequent Nuremberg-like trial to repudiate this vile rhetoric after it is too late.  But we live in a culture of death where life is cheap unless you are talking about the life of an animal, a tree or even an insect.  It is surreal to watch as a politically polarized culture supports anyone or anything that their party commands them to support.  God is not dead but the human conscience apparently is. 

Despite the fact that Munger’s old enough that he could himself have attended the Nuremberg or the Eichmann trials, I don't see him in the line of volunteers to stop the prolonging of his own life.

The complete transcript has yet to be published.  Instead, only select excerpts from the interview are available at the CNBC website, excluding these comments as of now.