Friday, April 24, 2015

"Mother Earth" Spoils Her Earth-Day Party

As the saying goes, everything happen for a reason. I love the irony of this eruption occurring on "Earth Day".  It doesn't appear the Earth likes these pagan socialists very much.  Look at the green house gasses with which the Earth is polluting itself. Tax and cap it!!!


It looks as though Earth may have been trying to send a message to the leftists who were worshiping it on "Earth Day".  They like to talk about the Earth in anthropomorphic terms, so here it is loud and clear.  The message is that the "Mother Earth" clearly doesn't "have a fever" as Al Gore famously claimed.   As the world has seen the past few winters, there is no fever.  But Mother Earth does have major gas that she wants to release. Ma Earth took the time to tell us all loud and clear -on Earth Day- that we better step up our game with the drilling and get those pipelines constructed.  While we're at it, somebody better build some more refineries. 


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