Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why Obama "Must" Approve All Maneuvers in Syria

"Obama plans to tightly control strikes on Syria." This is the problem with having a Commander in Chief who got elected during a time of war by fomenting dissent for the war at the expense of American soldiers who were then fighting it. He and John Kerry USED the war while Bush presided over it - to get themselves elected.  They used the war as a political tool by bad mouthing our soldiers and accusing them of "war crimes".

It might seem ironic that these two traitors -of all people- are now in charge of our fate and our national security against an enemy for which they publicly sympathized in order to get elected. However, for those who believe that evil exists and that it is intelligent, it plots and doesn't just "happen" randomly in the course of human history, it does not appear ironic at all because this was intended. Obama's true loyalties are with the enemy of America. Thus, he has to declare to our enemy in advance that he will NEVER use ground troops and he lets them know through the media that he will require that he himself must approve all air-strikes in advance - as though he is some brilliant military tactician!

Terrorists must appreciate his congeniality. What enemy wouldn't appreciate an "adversary" who tells them up front what his limits will be. This Manchurian President will probably text them to let them know the pending location of any future airstrikes. This is a man who just traded some of the most notorious terrorists we had imprisoned - in exchange for an American deserter! As treacherous as that is, that is just a tiny SAMPLE of his effrontery.

This is a big charade and by virtue of this traitor not having been heretofore impeached and removed, we are all his dupes. The Roman Emperor Vespasian commissioned the coliseum for the people of Rome because he knew it was the perfect way to control the difficult population. If people are fed and entertained, they are less likely to revolt. Almost every town in the empire had one because it was so effective at keeping the people content. Some things never change. If only people learned from history. While this man internally undermines our nation daily, we ponder who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars and what will become of Ray Rice and Rodger Goodell.

America's Top Resume Fraud List is Missing the Most Infamous

Marketwatch came out with a short article today titled "5 big-shots who lied on theirresumes".

The list was missing one obvious candidate.  How could they exclude that notorious fraud of a Senator ELIZABETH WARREN????   When she applied to Penn and Harvard, she checked the box claiming she was Native American and as Scott brown pointed out, clearly is not. 

How could they leave out the latest scoundrel with whom the shameless sages of Massachusetts gifted the rest of the nation as their "best and brightest"?  They say she also has presidential aspirations! The people of Mass must really love attention because they never miss a chance to contribute killers, thieves and all forms of degenerates to the congressional and senatorial mix in what has become a poisonous cocktail we call federalism.  

Thank you New England and thank you New York for all the gifts you have given to the nation from Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner and now the venerable Elizabeth Warren.  Just THINK of how different the face of this nation would be if it were not for those names forced upon the union by just those two states alone!  And I haven't even touched upon these rest of New England and California's Boxer and Pelosi.

The eastern seaboard is a region that should be its own country as is the West Coast.  There has never been a greater case for forced secession from the union as it would be akin the extraction of a malignant Marxist tumor.