Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Villification of Christ by Atheist Billboard is NOT Protected Speech

Fox News today featured a story of Atheists who have once again erected a billboard in the Bible Belt state of Tennessee mocking Christianity.  The comments section contained comments, most of which were made by those who oppose its atheistic message.  However, it also contained comments made by trolling supporters of the billboard.  As one would expect, they proffered their usual platitudes complaining about how Christians are anti-American for opposing it, contending that it is their "constitutional right" to make such blasphemous attacks.  There were also those who claimed to believe in God and how they "oppose the message but would fight for their right to publicly declare the attacks".  Those are fallacies that are often spread by a brainwashed public who are not at all aware of the limitations upon "free-speech" guaranteed by our constitution.

The ORIGINAL Supreme Court verdicts delivered by the judges appointed by the founders who CREATED the Supreme Court consistently fined and imprisoned those few who committed PUBLIC BLASPHEMY and expatiated upon the reason being that whatever language or speech attacks Christianity, also manifestly strikes at the pillars of America for our laws are "deeply engrafted upon Christianity" and they stated lucidly that "general Christianity is and always has been a part of the common law".
It is patently absurd to contend that this type of BILLBOARD was ever intended to be protected speech under our constitution.  Our constitution grants them ASYLUM and freedom of whether or not to believe and practice the very religion upon which this great nation was founded - but certainly NOT to publicly vilify it.  Hence, this billboard is NOT protected speech.  Subsequently, atheism is the religion of communism and its purpose is to impose tyranny on ALL.  The producers of this billboard are Marxists and their intent is to abrogate our constitution, making them enemies of America.

This billboard exemplifies the hatred and indecency of the atheist movement.  It is unchristian to say that the foolishness of the assertion itself makes one less angry than thinking about the type of pathetic P..O..S  one must be to fund and erect this billboard.  This person represents the quintessential school-yard bully whom most members of polite society and proponents of justice would take pleasure in the observation of one kicking their assets like with any insolent bully.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jameis Winston Precedents Endanger Referees (& Women of Course)

The video of Jameis Winston shoving the official in Saturday's game against Boston College is a stunning piece of evidence that should at minimum have him suspended for the remainder of the season.  By not severely punishing this act of aggression, the NCAA sets a mortifying precedent that should be a serious concern for the safety of all college football officials.  I have never seen this intentionally happen in my 30+ years watching both college and professional football. 
This is just one more piece of evidence in the body of work of Jameis Winston.  It betrays a disturbed, unstable, violent young man who has probably been coddled for most of his life because of his football skills, so much so that he now believes he can treat officials the way he treats the women he batters - on national television.  And maybe he CAN?  After-all, as I turned on ESPN this morning, I watched Winston's Coach, Jimbo Fisher debase himself in defense of his Quarterback and simultaneously insult the intelligence of every viewer within hearing of the interview. 
The excuse that Jameis made after the game and was echoed Sunday by Jimbo on ESPN was incoherent and did not even address the issue.  "He was just holding me because he thought we had a substitution…"?  Who in the hell was asking WHY the official was there and why are you circumventing the issue?  Whether the referee should have been there and what the referee was thinking is NOT the point.   He was like a politician answering a completely different question than what was asked of him.  Fisher demonstrates a lack of character and honesty every time he defends this delinquent and he should be ashamed of himself. 
I do not expect for one moment that justice will likely be served when it comes with Jameis Winston because of historical precedent set by the NCAA. 
Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel, a man who by most historical accounts is a revered man, was given the death penalty for what was akin to a parking ticket in comparison to what took place at the University of Miami.  Drugs, strippers, prostitutes, wads of cash, diamond jewelry, mansions, yacht parties and South Beach debauchery were all provided by boosters in the early part of the decade to University of Miami players according to testimony of the booster who provided much of it. The evidence was there and it came out after the Tressel controversy over players scandalously trading memorabilia over tattoo work.  Ohio State lost eligibility for the national championship in a year they could well have been contenders.  Ohio State also lost a great Coach.  What happened to the University of Miami whose President is none other than Clinton Administration cabinet member Donna Shalala?  It all but disappeared from the radar as though it never happened.  They "self-imposed" their penalty by losing 9 scholarships to be amortized over a 3 year period and lost post-season of eligibility for post season play during a time when they were not contenders. 

Even more deference has been given to Florida State with regard to the crimes and misdeeds of Jameis Winston.  The NFL is going to have another monster on its hands who can possibly make Ray Rice look genteel.  Does the NFL need Jameis Winston coming in like a prima donna who believes he can abuse women AND referees without any repercussion whatsoever?  Of course he's going to come in as a "changed" man who has his demons behind him… Despite legal technicalities exculpating him, most except for FSU fans believe he is a bona fide rapist.  His living, breathing body of work points to the truth, yet he and his behavior will continue to be reaffirmed and some shameless team will draft him because "he deserves a chance". 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why Obama "Must" Approve All Maneuvers in Syria

"Obama plans to tightly control strikes on Syria." This is the problem with having a Commander in Chief who got elected during a time of war by fomenting dissent for the war at the expense of American soldiers who were then fighting it. He and John Kerry USED the war while Bush presided over it - to get themselves elected.  They used the war as a political tool by bad mouthing our soldiers and accusing them of "war crimes".

It might seem ironic that these two traitors -of all people- are now in charge of our fate and our national security against an enemy for which they publicly sympathized in order to get elected. However, for those who believe that evil exists and that it is intelligent, it plots and doesn't just "happen" randomly in the course of human history, it does not appear ironic at all because this was intended. Obama's true loyalties are with the enemy of America. Thus, he has to declare to our enemy in advance that he will NEVER use ground troops and he lets them know through the media that he will require that he himself must approve all air-strikes in advance - as though he is some brilliant military tactician!

Terrorists must appreciate his congeniality. What enemy wouldn't appreciate an "adversary" who tells them up front what his limits will be. This Manchurian President will probably text them to let them know the pending location of any future airstrikes. This is a man who just traded some of the most notorious terrorists we had imprisoned - in exchange for an American deserter! As treacherous as that is, that is just a tiny SAMPLE of his effrontery.

This is a big charade and by virtue of this traitor not having been heretofore impeached and removed, we are all his dupes. The Roman Emperor Vespasian commissioned the coliseum for the people of Rome because he knew it was the perfect way to control the difficult population. If people are fed and entertained, they are less likely to revolt. Almost every town in the empire had one because it was so effective at keeping the people content. Some things never change. If only people learned from history. While this man internally undermines our nation daily, we ponder who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars and what will become of Ray Rice and Rodger Goodell.

America's Top Resume Fraud List is Missing the Most Infamous

Marketwatch came out with a short article today titled "5 big-shots who lied on theirresumes".

The list was missing one obvious candidate.  How could they exclude that notorious fraud of a Senator ELIZABETH WARREN????   When she applied to Penn and Harvard, she checked the box claiming she was Native American and as Scott brown pointed out, clearly is not. 

How could they leave out the latest scoundrel with whom the shameless sages of Massachusetts gifted the rest of the nation as their "best and brightest"?  They say she also has presidential aspirations! The people of Mass must really love attention because they never miss a chance to contribute killers, thieves and all forms of degenerates to the congressional and senatorial mix in what has become a poisonous cocktail we call federalism.  

Thank you New England and thank you New York for all the gifts you have given to the nation from Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner and now the venerable Elizabeth Warren.  Just THINK of how different the face of this nation would be if it were not for those names forced upon the union by just those two states alone!  And I haven't even touched upon these rest of New England and California's Boxer and Pelosi.

The eastern seaboard is a region that should be its own country as is the West Coast.  There has never been a greater case for forced secession from the union as it would be akin the extraction of a malignant Marxist tumor.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Army Commercial Sends Pitiful Message to the World

When I saw this commercial, I honestly thought perhaps the Army is now making ads specifically targeting homosexuals.  (We all know that it's just a matter of time.)  I'm definitely ---not--- saying that graphic artists are all homosexuals.  However, many male artists are and the eye gesture of the soldier looked like some kind of furtive homosexual-look.  It looked like the actor-soldier could have been turning on the "gay-dar" for other homosexuals watching the ad.  I was working on my computer while watching football and that impression prompted me to "Google" this commercial (to try to confirm my suspicion).

After watching that section a few times, the jury is still out but I'm wondering what YOU all think about that?  Does it look like a clandestine homosexual recruitment tactic?

If you didn't know what I'm talking about regarding the "gay-dar" or the "homosexual glance", you were better off for it but it is important to detect what the enemy of our constitution is doing strategically to sabotage our nation from within.  So before watching the commercial, see "Exhibit A" for an example:

   (Exhibit A. above)

Now, here's the Army commercial (the part in question is located at 20 seconds):
I think it would be consistent with the Hussein-Obama strategy of weakening our national defense in general by making our military into a debauched social experiment, distract the focus and sow dissension.  Regardless of whether it is homosexual or not, I do not think the ad is the right message to show the world at perilous times like these.  I'm pretty sure it is very different than the recruitment videos of our enemies who are surly mocking us.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obama May have "Skipped" The murdered General's Funeral But...

"President Obama Reportedly Golfed During the Funeral For Major General Greene" as Fox News reported yesterday.  That is the modus operandi of this traitor.  He may have skipped the funeral but let me be the first to say that he no doubt approves of it. 

He couldn't be bothered to even comment but of course he did comment on the self induced death of Robin Williams.  The evidence continues to mount while the cowards in the GOP ignore it. Just another clear signal to the enemy. Nobody in this world has anything to fear of this traitor except for Americans.